Project support

DLK offers - beyond the standardized product range - customized, project-related solutions that react flexibly to the most diverse customer requirements:   

  • largest impeller diameter
  • extreme implementing situations
  • special requirements to the aero-dynamical profile
  • design of complete ventilation concepts (car park ventilation, tunnel ventilation, etc.)
  • adapted materials (V2A, V4A, Al-alloys, ...)

In cooperation with our sales engineers and customers, PE develops solutions for a wide variety of projects. The experience gained has led to the development of extensive knowledge. DLK uses this know-how to provide customers with competent advice at all times.





Manufacturer of heavy industrial fans with production and headquarters in Germany. Individual and tailor-made exhaust air solutions for industry.

The extensive know-how of the traditional company DLK Ventilatoren guarantees continuous innovation.


DLK Ventilatoren GmbH
Ziegeleistraße 18
74214 Schöntal-Berlichingen
Phone: +49 7943 9102 0
Fax: +49 7943 9102 10

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